Welcome to the VTGA! The Voyagers Trail Grooming Association became a partnership between several snowmobile clubs that joined together to groom approximately 700 kilometers of trails along the East side of the Red River, south of Winnipeg.

The VTGA currently maintains trails in the communities of Lorette, Ile des Chenes, St. Adolphe, Ste. Agathe, St. Pierre, St. Malo, Grunthal, Niverville, and Grande Pointe! We groom Hwy 59 all the way to the US Border! The trails are groomed using a CAT 85C Challenger. These trails are supported by the sales of Snopasses and the dedicated club members that volunteer their time to ensure that we have top-notch trails to ride on every winter.

Ride Safe and Have Fun!

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Annual Snopass $150.00
Seven-day Snopass: $75.50

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Annual General Meeting

Voyager Trail Grooming Assoc. Annual General Meeting Dec 3/2015 at LeRoutier Hotel 7:30 PM. We will filling the constituent Community Directors along with the Executive.  We are looking for new members and volunteers in the communities of AUBIGNY, GRUNTHAL, ILE DES CHENES, LORETTE, NIVERVILLE, ST. ADOLPHE, ST. AGATHE, ST. MALO. There are some towns currently that don't have any representation and risk loosing a groomed trail to their community, so come out and keep your trails

Trail Changes

Trail 42 from Aubigny to Morris has been removed
Trail 716 from St.Malo to Arnaud has been removed
New trail from Vita to Lonesandon PTH#12 to connect with South East SnoRiders

Willmar MN snowmobile race

The VTGA has also been asked to assist with the I-500 Winnipeg to Willmar MN snowmobile race.  We are seeking volunteers for the morning of Feb 10th to handle race operations from St.Adolphe to Emerson. If you are interested please contact Todd 204-795-2887

Snoman Annual General Meeting and Conference Nov 6/2015 at 7:00pm

Snoman Annual General Meeting and Conference Nov 6/2015 at 7:00pm.  Members and volunteers recommended to go to and support the Constitution change to allow member clubs to vote.

The VTGA regular monthly meeting is the first Thurs of the Month at the Le Routier Restaurant in St.Pierre at 7:30pm during the months of October till April. It sometimes is moved to the second Thursday of the month, contact the club for confirmation


Click on the button below to visit the SNOMAN website, where you will find the most up to date trail conditions for the VTGA and other areas of Manitoba.

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